Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

I have a hard time with surprises. I like to give birthday presents early, if at a possible I open my own Christmas presents as soon as they are under the tree and then rewrap them. I have the overwhelming urge to spill the beans when I know something exciting is going to happen to or for someone I love. It is a curse.

A little over a week ago my uncle called to tell me that my grandparents were in the hospital across the hall from each other. My heart shattered. There is little more helpless in the world than being far from family during a tough time. I cried on the phone with them and wished I could be there. I called my mom and she consoled me that there was little to be done from either here or there and that my thoughts and prayers would reach them and God from both places.

My uncle kept me updated on what was going on for the next couple of days and extended an offer to me to come to them. I couldn’t believe it. God is so good, I had marked out of work for Austin City Limits for a few days and was free to make my way over. We agreed to keep my travels between the two of us to surprise them.

As I write this I am sitting above the clouds, hurtling toward family members that I love deeply. I have had a difficult time not telling my Memaw that I will be standing in her kitchen shortly. When I have spoken to her I have bit my tounge and ended the phone call early as to avoid disaster.  I very much identify with Kristen Wiig in the SNL “Surprise Party” skit.

It never ceases to amaze me that I can fly across the entire country to a place I have only been a handful of times and end up right at home. That is the beauty of a loving family. I already know that there will be no words to describe our reunion, I am sorry that I will not be able to share that with you. Could one ever describe the most tender moments in life? No matter how far we are from each other, how much time passes between visits, no matter what has transpired in life I know I am going home to take care of people that have loved and cared for me since the beginning of my life.

My heart is content in so many ways. I am leaving one branch of my love to see another. These are people that have shaped my heart and soul and I cannot wait to be in their presence.

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