Let it out…. Let it all out.

A while back Adele announced her pregnancy. Subsequently, there was an audible groan from her fans. She was taking a break from writing the melancholy tunes of breakups and despair because in her new condition she had nothing to write of, the Adele well had run dry. It was a sad time for heartbroken girls everywhere and probably the best time of the singer/songwriter’s life.

I, for once, might understand Adele’s writer’s block. You see when something super awesome happens, when life hands you something special I think there is a natural inclination to tuck it somewhere safe inside and protect it a bit.

Two months ago I went to a baseball game and was never the same. In a strange turn of events I went from being the matchmaker to the victim of cupid’s bow. A friend of the family introduced me to his childhood friend and sparks flew. After a few days of romance and with the blessing of my closest friends I felt free to love again. Madly, truly, and deeply.

Now one would think that I would have been shouting from the keyboard all of this happy news. Instead, there were no facebook statuses, corny pins, or love announcements to speak of. For the sake of being transparent, a part of that was due to my skepticism that this could happen, that someone so kind could just drop into my life. Or that should something so fantastic get thrown in the mix, it surely wouldn’t last. So instead I have kept it to myself, tucked it away safe inside.

While KD is truly a gentleman, a dream, and an answer to many tearful prayers, I find myself struggling with accepting this wonderful time. I have made tremendous strides in communicating both good and not so good thoughts. Every day is an exercise in accepting this gift, in using the tools I was given in this crazy year.

2013 is around the bend. At midnight I will thank my lucky stars for surviving 2012, for the broken heart that led me to where I am now, and for the new light in my life.

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