The white owl and the Trampage

The last week has been I.N.S.A.N.E. After my last post about Sugar Baby, the little Maltese Aly and I found on the freeway, momentum has been non-stop. If we are going to be honest, the vortex started before that. Life is both nutty and wonderful.  A couple of months ago Aly, Kate and I took a field trip to Home Goods. We didn’t really need anything but marked down kitchen wares always call my name like a siren. We meandered through the aisles debating what makes one salad spinner better than another when a white owl caught Kate’s eye.

“You need this,” She said with such authority all salad spinner conversations ceased, “It will bring prosperity to your home.”

Aly and I stared at her blankly. We are skeptics, to say the least, and were going to need more convincing if she really wanted us to drop $6.99 on a white owl for our shelving. We had more important purchases planned for that day as we both held man-scented room sprays in our hands (lonely women buy weird stuff). After some negotiating, we quelled the topic by agreeing to hold it while we shopped, still feeling noncommittal to the waxy bird. At the check stand we debated and then conceded to the idea that it couldn’t possibly hurt our situation and went halfsies on it.

The month or so following that purchase was awful. Work was awful for both of us, I broke up with KD, we found ourselves bored, sad, and needing change. We were generally unhappy and irritated with each other. When I brought up the correlation of our lives falling to shambles and the owl purchase to Kate she halfheartedly assured me that the bird was ridding our lives of what we didn’t need. I was not convinced.

I am still not entirely believe that it was the owl’s doing but the last few weeks have been ridiculous. As she sits up on her shelf in our living room, our shambles are being put back together in a big way! Starting with our jobs, Aly has become a full time stylist and is really busy! It is so awesome to watch how successful she has become in a short amount of time. Her hard work is paying off and I love it! My new distributor is picking up and I will be teaching Lakme color classes like mad here pretty soon! The salon I work in has been busy (shout out: Medusa’s!) and I am thrilled to celebrate with many, many brides this month along with my regular guests! I am thankful that I have been given the opportunity to fall back in love with hair, to be romanced and excited again by the career I have worked so hard at. I can’t wait to see what is around the corner!

Sugar Baby is, hands down, the best thing that could have happened to me last week. One of the hardest things about the last year was the loss of domesticity. As much as I have loved and appreciated the opportunity to be out and free to do what I wished, my heart missed having a reason to be home, someone to take care of. This little love nugget has been just that! It is amazing to me how much she has improved over the last week, her quirky personality showing more and more, day by day!

This was Sugar at the vet, about an hour after we found her
This was Sugar at the vet, about an hour after we found her.
Just a few days later! Ms. Princess Floppy Moppy Sweetest Sugar Baby Face Head!
Just a few days later! Ms. Princess Floppy Moppy Sweetest Sugar Baby Face Head!

This Sunday marked the end of an era, the end of the Trampage (Trade Marked: Davian Huffman) my girlfriends and I were on! While we strictly followed all of the dating rules (found here: and here: we certainly knew how to do a Sunday Funday up right! We spent many, many brunches in Santa Monica over the last year. From time to time we would deviate and explore other venues but our mimosa loving hearts always took us back to Brick + Mortar on Main Street. It was always a beautiful crowd and the food was great. We met so many characters down there, The Hair, The Liability, Matt With a 13 Letter Last Name, The Gayest Man Ever, Ohio, Darius Rucker (the fake) and many, many more. We have spent many sun and champagne filled days prowling up and down Santa Monica and Venice Beaches, having the time of our lives. Aly and I went this last Sunday for the closing ceremonies of the Trampage. Our third partner in crime was busy falling in love and we realized that it would never be the same. Last Summer was so much fun but that season has passed. Is it weird that we are totally okay with that?

Pouring out a little liquor for the homies.
Pouring out a little liquor for the homies.
Waterfront pretzels... A close second place to mimosas!
Waterfront pretzels… A close second place to mimosas!


Without getting into too much detail, it is safe to say that all of our prayers are being answered. In huge and unexpected ways, all of our friends are in really great places and love is in the air. Maybe that white owl deserves a bit of credit? That, I am still not sure about but our hearts are happy once again. Maybe our Sunday Funday party of three has turned into a party of six (pups not included in the headcount)?

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  1. kate says:

    It’s the Owl !!!!!!! 😉 plus you are all deserving of happiness, its your time.


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