I can’t even breathe!

I don’t even know where to start.

Five years ago? I was working at my dream salon as an assistant and waiting tables, I was bleaching more counters than hair. I never would have guessed that the man I knew only as my friend’s boyfriend was going to have such an impact on my life.

Three and a half months ago? I was working a long night in the salon and agreed to meet up with that man to catch up at the end of a long day? I laughed nervously and talked his ear off for a few hours before floating home.

The day I became his girlfriend?

The day he told me (in writing) that he loved me for the first time?

The day we prayed at The Getty Center (my 2nd favorite place in the whole world). The same day I knew he loved me enough to seek God’s will in our future before his own.

Every date, every beach trip, every quiet time in between? Can you start there?

Six weeks ago when the Bad News train started derailing in my life? We could start there… Every time I got bad news (almost daily for six weeks straight) I would call Q and he would talk me off the ledge. Moving my home, moving my work place, dealing with a very sick loved one and stresses within my family all in one month was proving too much for my little noggin to bear. While I was heartbroken and confused by all of the major changes taking place he remained my rock.

Last Friday I was almost done packing my house when I got more frustrating news. I called Q to tell him about it and after venting I asked how his day was going, to which he responded that it was low key, he had lunch with his parents and they were going to an antique mall. I told him to have fun but in my mind I was shouting, “An ANTIQUE MALL?!?!  Who can think about antiques at a time like this?!?! My life is in shambles!”

Flash forward to an all out meldown on my part Friday night, moving my apartment and working my last day at Medusa’s Saturday, more moving and unpacking Sunday, cleaning my grandma’s garage on Monday (while Q was at his first day at his new job!!! Yaaay!), also on Monday, running out of gas on the freeway and subsequently missing my own Fantasy Football draft, moving stuff into storage and into the new salon on Tuesday. My brain was mush. Every time I considered just burning all my crap in a bonfire and living in a van (presumably down by a river…) forever and ever, Q would do something thoughtful and kind and I would put the matches down and keep packing. Also, I can’t afford a van right now… But that is besides the point. The Halfway Home for Professional Women and Their Hounds would have to do for now.

Last night, it was official. We had moved all of my things out and into their new locations. I was so very worn out but when Q suggested a romantic dinner and walk, reenacting our first real date and celebrating three months of dating (happy miniverssary to us!) I was game. I joked that I might not remember how to do my makeup after a week straight of sports bras and tear streaked moving face. Off we went.

It was very sweet and uber romantic remembering all of the things we have done together in five years, three months and ten days (We can only claim three months  and ten days of that but the rest is fun too!). After dinner we walked to our special spot and I made some cheesy Titanic reference.  When I turned back around he said he wanted to make more memories in our spot and started to get down on one knee. It’s kind of a blur but I think I tackled him and screamed (shocking, yes?). I remember him saying “There aren’t a lot of things I can be sure of but I know I can be sure of you.” With both of us kneeling on the ground he asked me to marry him and I said (shouted, shreeked…?) YES!

Oh yeah, remember that Antique Mall trip? Well that was to buy the beautiful ring on my left finger (oppps!). I know you ladies are going to DIE when I tell you that the ring he bought is IDENTICAL to one I had on my secret Pinterest board. It is beautiful, and like the rest of our crazy story, it is perfect.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Vicki Stevens says:

    This is as beautiful as you are!!


    1. Also, killer blog Sista! I love it so much keep on writing away!!


      1. Awww thank you so much! x


  2. Andie says:

    Awww I was a babbling brook reading this! I love you guys and I could not be happier for you! I love you sister!!!


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