It all falls into place…

There are 103 days and a few hours until I am a married woman. Gasp!

Quinton and I were engaged for a few days when my mom and aunt started suggesting wedding dates and places. I was standing outside of my new salon, talking to my mom when she suggested a New Years Eve wedding/party. I quickly shot down the idea, thinking it would be too much of an inconvienience to our guests to have it on a holiday. Plus, I told her, there was no way we would be able to find a venue in less than six months! Was she crazy?? After further discussion between her and I, then Quinton and I, then Quinton and his family, it was decided. We were going to pull a wedding together in 120 days. Were we crazy? Probably.

A few days into planning my mom got a worried look in her eye. “Are we doing this wrong?” she asked. By common standards, everything we were doing was backwards. Watch any TLC bridal-wars-zilla episode and you would be led to believe that a wedding can take place with no fewer than $50,000.00 and eight utter meltdowns. As a whole, a wedding can seem financially daunting. Not one of us is in a position to throw a lavish affair, dripping in opulence. Even Pinterest, bless their DIY hearts, would suggest that a wedding of sustenance should be magazine worthy AND homemade. It’s enough to send you to an early grave (I am sure the grave site is listed on the bridal budget somewhere but they charge more if you come early).

The best thing that has come of throwing a wedding in a short amount of time with a limited budget has been seeing what happens when the focus is really on the MARRIAGE, and how abundantly blessings have been flowing from every direction. Our love story is really one of redemption and deliverance. I am so excited to be married to Q  with as many of our closest friends and family, all of which have all watched a change in us over the years. How exciting is it to have a party to celebrate a love designed by someone so much greater than us. It is easy to not need the Fairy Tale Wedding when our story is so much sweeter than any fairy tale written by man.

In the last 17 days almost every single detail has fallen into place. Q and I are both lucky to have moms that are creative AND executive planners. What a relief to me! While the Moms and Q have done all of the heavy lifting,  I have spent more days in the craft store ribbon aisle than I care to admit. One of my awesomely bad ideas was using a really hard to match tone of eggplant. Planning a wedding on short notice? My suggestion would be to go with a primary color scheme and save yourself the headache of tonal variation. Other awesomely bad ideas I have come up with in the last couple of weeks (thank goonies someone has talked me out of these) are as follows:

*learning calligraphy and doing all of the invitations and RSVP cards myself

*learning to knit (general wife information I felt was REALLY important to sort out in the next few months)

*doing everyone’s hair on the day of the wedding

That’s not too much to tackle right??

Every day, we get a little bit closer to the big day and every single day something falls into place, something we never could have planned going this well. I am so very happy and so very thankful for this beautiful season.

Everyone should take a pazookie break while planning!

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  1. Susanne Vyhmeister says:

    I put together my wedding in one month! I got married at Christmas time and therefore most of the decorations are already there. I gave the florist creative liberty to go with the flow which was beautiful red flowers, roses, and poinsettias which cut costs. The venue was amazing and already decorated! Call the Coleman/Chan Shun Pavilion in Loma Linda because they have an events coordinator. My wedding total with amazing decor, food, flowers, etc. was $3,000. I agree with mother that doing a wedding on a budget is easier when their is already festivities in the air and go with the pre-decorated flow. My wedding day was December 27th and it was over the top! The decor was already spectacular. I didn’t even start planning until November. Don’t worry it all comes together! It really does. Some of my wedding photos are on Facebook. But it’s your time and your choice and YOUR wedding.


    1. Thanks, Susie! It is all coming together, and you are right, a wedding during the holidays is such a great idea! I can’t wait!!


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