Wombs and weepy feelings

Very early this year I shared this blog with ya’ll: The mystery of our wombs . I felt clumsy writing it, I wasn’t sure if it was my place to write about a third party experience when the battle itself was so fresh for so many. This is a follow up.

Yesterday afternoon I stopped by my friend’s house. Unlike any other time I have popped by her cute suburban home, it was to hold and drool over her baby, just less than a hundred or so hours old. He is precious, we all agree. He is an image of her older boy, he is her husband and herself in such a perfect blend. As second time parents they had an air of peace about them, they were tired but more than that, they were skilled and it showed.

I drove away thinking of two of my other friends, each with babies growing in their wombs. I thought of the blog I wrote about the three of them and a couple of other friends of mine, friends  I love so deeply. I thought of last year and the struggles each of these families faced, I thought of how each of them mourned and questioned.  I thought of my fragile friend, I thought of the hugs we shared the day she came to me in the salon and the day I went to hold her baby, those two hugs could not be more different. I contrasted that raw pain with their present joy and I wept. These tears were so different than those I shed as I typed on January 16th of this year. My heart was broken over and over, people I loved so dearly were hurt so badly, the strongest women I knew were at war with their own being. Ten months later, there was so much joy to be shared.

This blog is short and sweet. I celebrate with my friend and her new baby, my friend and her daughter (due any day now!), and my friend due early next year. I encourage my other friends still staring infertility in the eye, there is so much hope! These three miracle babies are proof that if you try really stinking hard, or if you give up and don’t “try” at all, the future is unknown, and full of surprises. I look forward to celebrating with each of you during your celebration season, however and whenever that takes place.

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