My sweet old man.


I am at the hospital very early this morning with my grandparents. After a couple of months of skirting the issue, his surgeon finally laid it all out on the table. The surgery he is going to perform today is to remove a tumor and a part of his stomach. The word tumor sounded so heavy, so different from all of the other terminology that had been thrown around after extensive testing. 

When I wrote Grandpa’s blog I had no idea what was around the corner for this sweet and grumpy old man. As he prepared for surgery yesterday he made it very clear that if he dies soon, I am to receive the weekly People magazines he has been saving for me all of these years.  I cried yesterday afternoon when he kissed me and hugged me tight, I racked my brain to think of a way to thank him for nearly 27 years of love.

Words may fail but when I saw him off this morning I think he knew exactly how I felt. I might be a grown woman and he might be a cantankerous old mad, but I will always be his silly little girl and in my mind, he still wears cowboy boots.

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