My poor, neglected bloggitty blog blog.

I’ve been a bad blogger. I think there are extremes that lead to writer’s block, having nothing to write about and, the much more complicated opposite, having infinitely more to write about. These days, my life definitely falls into the latter category. There are 13 days until my wedding and every hour is filled with more “blur” than the last, I can only vaguely recall bits of the day before and the rest of time blends into everything else… in a good way.

Wedding talk, setting up our home, changing work schedules, relational changes between friends and family, and my grandpa’s health have been the constant tornado. Half-done projects are mangled in all of our minds, blaring their urgent pleas to be finished. Celebrations, travel plans, sleeping arraignments all needing to be finalized are happy flashes in the chaotic pan, welcomed promises of good times to come. There is so, so much to write about but my focus and my challenge has really been staying present in every moment whether it be the fun of getting fancy with my girlfriends for my bachelorette party or being near my grandparents, knowing that everything will change in just a few days makes me want to linger in these sweet minutes as much as possible.

Life is good. There just aren’t enough words.

We are armed with a marriage license and we know how to use it!
We are armed with a marriage license and we know how to use it!

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