Everything Looks Different…

Q and I took The Spaceship toward the coast last weekend. We cruised along in our “new to us” car, a/c breezing cool air in our faces. We laughed, just a year ago we made many trips just like this one only we were in his truck (the more reliable of our two cars) with no air conditioner to cool us off, shouting over the hot air blasting through the open windows. We didn’t mind our sweaty, wind blown appearance though, love was thick in the summer air.

Summer 2013  Tour de Southern California
Summer 2013
Tour de Southern California
Summer 2014 Tour de California part deux
Summer 2014
Tour de California part deux


Looking back on the last year makes me dizzy. We had no idea how many changes were going to happen. We had no idea that we would be engaged and married in a few short months, that I would move from my hometown leaving the majority of my business and my dear friends and family. I certainly didn’t know that the Death Trap would be a thing of my past (that rattletrap was my dearest frienemy). We had no idea how many things would change in such a short time, while there have been valleys between the peaks, the journey has been amazing.

I accepted a new role at work. I am going to be the regional brand manager for Lakme and Beauty Sales. While I am excited, the thought of all of the new responsibility makes my eyes swimmy. The truth is that now that this is the job I have wanted for many years is  a reality, I am afraid of making a mess of it. Daily I remind myself to have faith that if this opportunity is meant to be, like last summer, the change will be dizzying, swift, and well worth it in the end.

Q is loving his job at Every Generation Ministries. It is a roll he was designed to fill. I love seeing him come home from a day at work with a smile on his face (he has the best smile… melts my heart). It is such a blessing to us both that he feels his talents are being utilized to enrich the lives of others. We are excited to see how he will continue to grow in his position there.

Every day I am reminded of how different my life looks today compared to a year (or three) ago. I remember a time when change made me unravel, I would dig my feet into crap to keep from stepping out into new territory. Maybe the last few years have made me flexible, there is truly a benefit to being less fearful and rigid. I have found that it is usually when the most change is happening that something beautiful is emerging.



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