Far from home

A few weeks ago Q and I watched the documentary Girl Model on Netflix. It was the story of many young girls in Russia coming from destitute families, being preyed upon by modeling agencies. Before these girls could put their dolls down, they were being sent to Japan to “model”. Twelve year old girls were trying to make it alone in a foreign country where they didn’t speak the language, the airport scene was enough to want to wrap these little souls up in your arms and protect them. I thought of my own sisters and what it would feel like to know that they were alone in another country trying to survive. The thought turned my stomach.


Their parents weren’t monsters. You could see the hope in their eyes as they sent their daughters away. Anything must be better than here, this is your chance to be better wore across their faces. When someone comes around and offers you a dream, how can you not take it? These young girls left their homes with the responsibility of making a better life for their families weighing heavily on their shoulders. I cannot imagine how extreme your desperation would have to be to send your child away, such an unnatural act would require such extenuating circumstances.


My thoughts went back to that movie yesterday as busses of illegal immigrants, mostly women and many children drove into a nearby town and were turned away by angry protesters. These women and children were far from home and not speaking the language, many ill and needing hospitalization. These people had left their homes, their families, and their country for the unknown. Some back in their homeland had sent their children ahead of themselves, praying for a better life for them. How can someone send their child into an unknown country? Desperation. With crime and poverty reaching new highs in their homeland, how could they do anything else?


The system is flawed, obviously there should be better law and order both here and where these people come from. But my heart can’t help but break to know what would have caused these people, these women and young children to risk their lives to come here. I hope the humanity of this situation isn’t lost in the swampy politics.

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  1. I feel the same as you. Some people in this country don’t really understand the desperation that a family has to feel to go to these lengths to get here.


  2. prbyandie says:

    Welcome to my world of “super bleeding heart liberalism” or at least that’s what everyone calls it when they are making fun of me for caring too much or too hard about these issues LOL I bet you know who Im talking about, Im surrounded by them haha LOVE yOU!!!


  3. Krystal says:

    I have such a high respect for the people who leave for another country in order to find stability and a better environment for their children. It has to be such a tough struggle. I know many people personally who have had to move from their homes to the US to escape crime, proverty, and unjust laws. Thanks for posting this and shedding some light on the situation.


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