Our first and best year!

This morning I woke up to a bazillion pictures on my news feed of my hometown covered in show. It was beautiful, fluffy and… well… freezing! My mom shot me a text, “I am so thankful for answered prayers last year… Could you imagine?!”. This time last year we were all feverishly praying for a dry sky on NYE. Our tents and dance floor were assembled and ready to party. Had snow fallen 365 days ago, we would have been one wet wedding party!

But, alas, as storybooks go there was no snow. Instead, the sky was lit up with beautiful twinkle lights and sparklers. Those that didn’t keep warm indoors or by the heaters kept their britches toasty on the dance floor. We counted down to midnight, gave that party one last glance and then slid into a car to go to our hotel (I had two options in my wedding gown, completely upright or horizontal, there was no room to sit). While technically 99% of our wedding day took place in 2013, I still include it in my dearest memories from this year.

What followed was a whirlwind! In the last year we fell into such an intimate understanding of what our vows truly meant. For better or for worse, it was my sweet husband that I wanted to turn to. Our year met us with challenges we could not have prepared for, strength we didn’t know we had, and joy to cover all of the days. Through gladness and deep sorrow, small and big changes, quiet nights and loud, silly laughter I am always grateful and humbled to have Q has my husband. He is the best gift I have ever received.

Geographically, I have spent the last year living the furthest I ever have from my family and dearest friends. While that has been a struggle and an adjustment, I am so thankful for the friends and family we have down here. This year has been filled with so many fun memories to the beach, the zoo, our favorite park and dinners with our new Framily:) The hounds have become accustomed to their new travel destinations and look forward to all of the events we drag them along to (or so we assume… there’s really no telling). We saw our friends give birth to beautiful babes, some of them complete surprises, all of them were total blessings. We, along with people that we love dearly, learned the devastating ache of pregnancy loss. It has been a heartache that has shadowed many of our days, both experiencing it ourselves and seeing others go through it. Much to the joy of those that care about our safety, we pawned the Death Trap off on my sister and acquired a Spaceship. Who knew how much fun it could be to zip around with two headlights and a functional radio!  We went to beautiful weddings and vowed to support those we love in their lives together. We lived through the wild North County fires (I thought I had moved out of the danger zone). We saw the rainforest of Mexico, the Colorado River, San Fransisco, Philadelphia, NJ, and Lima, Peru. We both worked new jobs and got involved with ministries in our church that we love dearly. We celebrated, we danced, I watched my husband play music at various events. It was a beautiful year.

As I write this a sweet baby girl is thumping against my ribs, 2014 has brought us one last gift. There are about 15 weeks until we meet her, each day brings us closer to seeing her sweet face. I can only hope that the lessons that this year brought us will help us become the strong, loving parents that she deserves. It is crazy how much can change in just 365 short days.

2014, our first and best year! http://flipagram.com/f/OSNe2iPNHs

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  1. megrae1225 says:

    Love you bunches. I’m so happy that even though this year had heartaches, your had so many more blessings! May 2015 hold many more blessings!!


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