Why we #GoPinkandBlue

It’s October, and for many that brings the cool air of Autumn and plans for spooky Halloween costumes around the bend. For many families, October brings thoughts of pumpkin coffees and the dark hues of orange and black decorations hanging from their walls. Some families, however, are trading their orange and black for pink and blue in remembrance and in support of the families grieving for their babies.

The #GoPinkandBlue campaign is an incredible visual on how many people are affected by pregnancy and infant loss. When we hear statistics, the numbers are so easy to push aside. One in four babies are lost between conception and birth, when I read those numbers they seem so foreign. Miscarriage is a silent tragedy, until the last few years I had no idea how many people I know and love had been hit by such devastation. Seeing profile pictures changed to these beautiful pink and blue statements is a small step that takes the taboo and gives it a platform for acknowledgment. I #gopinkandblue for my Sweet Pea. I #gopinkandblue for families that have suffered greater and longer than I can even understand. I #gopinkandblue because I remember and I acknowledge the life that lived so briefly and will be loved for all eternity.

There is no limit to a parent’s love, no set time allowed for grief. Weather you walk in solidarity this month or watch from the sidelines, be kind and patient with yourself. May we remember our little ones with love out loud this month as we #gopinkandblue.


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  1. Elise simpson says:

    We just became Facebook friends and apparently I’m insisting I get to know you real quick 😉 I love this post, and your post about your Sweet Pea. I had a miscarriage this past April and I wrote a Facebook post not too long ago that is very similar. I so agree that miscarriage is a taboo topic and I was also absolutely shocked to realize the statistics and the number of people who I know that had gone through this, yet it’s never talked about. I feel like these hurting families lost their child as well as apart of their voice because of society’s standards. Thank you for posting, for being vulnerable, for being open.


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