Diaper Wipes Demystified

Diaper wipes, man. They seem so simple. Before baby you would probably assume any old thing will work to wipe your sweet bundle of fresh DNA’s bottom. At one point, I made the generalization that a wipe was a wipe was a wipe, how different could they possibly be? I have turned the corner, my friends. Not only do brands differ scent by scent but square footage of hand protection varies greatly! If you are new to the baby journey, lend me your ear. Here’s a brief run down.

2015-10-02 15.40.08

HONEST CO. $0.07 per wipe

This wipe has an amazing feel to it. It is a solid inch and a half longer than the Pampers Sensitive wipe and has good grip. I have found that I can use less of these wipes to get the job done. They are designed to be an Everything Wipe, from butts to fingers, to gunky banana crusted toys these wipes have you covered. If cost were no issue, this would be the wipe of my dreams. I also appreciate that the pack is really durable and does not fall apart in my diaper bag. It is rare that a sticker closure doesn’t completely disintegrate over time.  If being mindful of chemicals is important to you, these might be your wipes.

CVS brand Sensitive Wipes $0.05 per wipe

These are thin. I mean, really really thin. They are long enough to cover a hand entirely but you will probably use more of them to achieve maximum cleanliness. They are exactly the same as the Up&Up wipes so if you have the option and costliness is important, you might consider purchasing those instead.

Pampers Sensitive $0.03 per wipe

These wipes have a lovely feel to them. While they are the smallest of the wipes we have sampled, the texture is lovely. It is the closest thing to cloth that I have found. The only drawback is the sticker closure on the packs. Every single pack I have has ripped open from end to end because the pacs were only designed to be used in the big tub.  When I looked around at current retailers, it seems as though they have switched to the hard plastic openings which would be a life saver. There’s nothing worse than dried out wipes.

Huggies Natural Care $0.03 per wipe

These wipes are average in size, falling right in the same sizing as the Amazon Elements wipes. They are thinner than the Pampers but a little more wet feeling. I like the size and the price is right on.

Up&Up Fresh Scent $0.02 per wipe

These have the exact same pattern and shape as the CVS brand wipes. The powder fragrance isn’t overpowering. If you don’t mind a thinner wipe, these are a great price.

Amazon Elements Fresh Scent $0.02 per wipe

I will never, ever again purchase these. If you really want the overpowering smell of Jolly Ranchers in a diaper wipe, these are the wipes for you. The shape and price are great, I love the texture and grip but I cannot get over the smell. In the future I might try the sensitive line but I am SLOWLY getting through these, wipe by smelly wipe.

Other options include wet paper towels and family cloth, both of which are a wee bit more crunchy than I am game for. Happy butt wiping!

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