It’s International Babywearing Week!

Since the beginning of time, moms have needed more hands. More time and money would be nice but we all agree, an extra set of hands is top priority. Resourceful mamas, surely tired of puttering around the cave, learned early on that the food wasn’t going to gather itself so they strapped that baby on their back and went berry picking. How does something like International Babywearing week gain traction? Moms are getting back to basics. We don’t live in a time when moms are able to focus on solely caring for her child. Babywearing allows for the dizzying busyness of life to unfold and gives mom to do what she needs to do while still being available to meet her baby’s needs. Babywearing has something that works for everyone, there are so many techniques and styles available. As a baby gear hoarder, this is excellent news!

How to get started babywearing:

Many baby stores will have sample carriers and weighted dolls for all your sampling needs. For best results before baby, take a friend and have some fun with it. The dolls are frightening and the wrap job will be clumsy but that is pretty much Motherhood in a nutshell.

Practicing with the Solly Wrap
Practicing with the Solly Wrap

Check out consignment stores. I purchased about three used carriers before my Lucie arrived. It was great for wearing my dog around the house in preparation. While I got some laughs out of it, Sugar was less than thrilled.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Sojurn Sling
Petunia Pickle Bottom Sojurn Sling

Watch Youtube or Periscope videos on how to tie your baby up safely. @Wrapyouinlove is one of my favorite Youtubers. Her videos are easy to follow and fun to watch! There are countless pins on Pinterest that will help you gather info on safety, styles of carriers and brands you may enjoy.

Oscha Slings
Every new tie off has a learning curve. Oscha Slings

Find a Babywearing International chapter near you. These meet-ups are designed to help mamas learn from experienced wrappers as well as give ladies with the wrapping bug a place to share their passion.

Babywearing International
Babywearing International

Once your baby hatches:

Now the fun begins! You might find that your taste in carriers changes over time depending on the size and needs of you and baby. The great thing about babywearing is that short of safety concerns, there are no wrong answers! We have loved and used stretchy wraps (Moby and Solly wraps), soft structured carriers (SSCs including the Ergo and Lillebaby), ring slings, and woven wraps. Each style has been great in it’s own feature to be loved.

Solly Wrap
Fresh baby in a Solly. I miss those days! Solly Wrap
Handmade ring sling
My little sister got in on the babywearing love at the Safari Park.
West of the Fourth Wovens
Lucie hanging out in her West of the Fourth woven wrap.
Close Enough To Kiss is my favorite rule. Ergo

Once you are comfortable with hiking your baby up on your tummy or back, you’re in good shape! Think of all the things you can accomplish with two hands! The laundry that can be folded! The grocery trips that can be taken! The Chipotle salads waiting to be devoured!

The Ergo at Chipotle
The Ergo at Chipotle

For the ultimate taste in freedom, throw that carrier on your husband and watch the magic take place! There is truly nothing better than a babywearing daddy!

W4W and Q
Q is such an amazing dad and husband. These two just melt my heart.

Happy #internationalbabywearingweek from our little corner of Southern California! I hope you are enjoying all the baby cuddles and your free hands!

Our Lillebaby to the rescue! This is how I use my free hands, ALL THE COFFEE!!

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