“Who, me??”

Things have been shaken up around these parts! Q and I both have new jobs (don’t panic, salon folk… I still do hair!) Normally new jobs bring stress and at least a few tears but in this case we are both so pumped about what November has brought to our family!

Admittedly, there was a moment of hesitation, at least on my part. When my sweet friend Alice asked if I would like to come on staff at our church I all but glanced over my shoulder to make sure she was talking to me. “Who, me??” I mean, it is a privilege to be able to work with our little guys but I guess I never really thought of myself as the church staff type. I promise I really am not all that cool.

It’s funny how a phone call offering a fun position like this instantly brought out all of my insecurities within myself. Instantly, I could name 100 reasons why I wasn’t good enough for the job. I had volunteered with the littles before but what do I know about two year olds? What if they hated me? What if, what if, what if???

All of those fears have been washed aside as I have come to learn more about my role. I have had awesome leadership help me figure out the needs of the job and also give me creative license to do as the room needs to be more efficient and fun. Our little explorers are getting some direct attention and it sure is fun to be the one to give it to them! Today, Lu and I went to clean out the cupboards and sort through the room. It was such a blessing to have a job where she can play on the floor while I work. It is never lost on me what an enormous privilege it is to be able to spend my day with this little one.

Lu helping mama
Lu helping mama sort the toys

Q’s new position at work is incredible. When he told me what the job would entail, my heart lit up. As a curriculum writer, he is responsible for publishing Bible curriculum for children’s ministries worldwide as well as leadership development programs for the ministry in general. I love that he goes to work every morning with a full heart and gets to use his natural talents all day. I love the smile on his face when he gets home, it is so rare for someone to love their occupation as much as Q loves EGM.  I could not imagine a job on this earth that would be better suited for my husband. It is like he has found his perfect calling, I am so proud of him!

We are a pretty happy family these days. It was a crazy, unexpected change for us but is so much fun!

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  1. Ola Carter says:

    Ashlie, I am so happy for you and Quinton! Life, to some great degree I believe, is about connection and I sense a whole lot of spiritual connection going on for you both! It’s a wonderful thing. Rejoice!


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