Catching Up!

November and December were non stop chaos. We traveled, we were sick, we had a grandpa fall ill and a hard drive catastrophe, we had birthdays and holidays to celebrate and on top of it all, a root canal that went sideways. It was a joyful and stressful season.


Sparing you the photos of the germs we encountered in the last six weeks, I thought you might like to see the projects that happened in the Two Year Old room at church! Right before we took off for Georgia, it came to my attention that a TV was going to be hung on my short wall. That meant the paint had to go up in a JIFFY! Thankfully, our friends and family jumped in to measure, tape, paint, and occupy Lu’s time so the project could get done! It was a crazy 16 hours but baddabingbaddaboom, the wall was painted! Check out the change:

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After the great paint-a-thon and our trip to Georgia we had to prep the room for Christmas. Nothing sounded more disasterous than a tree in a room full of toddler angst so we opted for a flat, felt tree. It didn’t take up space in the room and was relatively safer than the standing option.

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As someone that struggles with being crafty, I was surprised at how big of a difference some felt and glittery pipe cleaners could make in a room! The best part of the tree is how breezy it is to store. Now that Christmas has passed, it is folded into a plastic box and ready again for next year.

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