This morning was a chance for me to recharge.


I am the type of gal that needs her tribe. I need my people because they give me the good stuff, the happy feelings, they fill my days with life. This morning I got to spend some time with the people that take the stress off of my shoulders.


I have mentioned before that the last few months have been crazy. You would think that with all of the activity and the social engagements my cup would be full but instead I have been feeling like my heart needed to fill up. Getting through hectic months is a struggle between being present in celebration and tasks alike and balancing the need to check to-do’s off of the list. Work… check, birthday… check, decorate the tree… check. Sometimes in the midst of it all, the tasks and the connections get blurred and it all feels like a hairy race to January.


But this morning under the guise of brunch my heart and my mimosa glass were filled. We shared laughs and pancakes and there was no where else to be but eating with each other. This morning, I got to recharge.


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