Little Target Miracles

I was pushing my cart along in Target, trying to keep Lucie from licking everything she could reach and dutifully scanning my bread (the #lowcarblife was short lived yet again) for a killer Cartwheel discount when I heard the sound. Had I looked up a millisecond later my eyes would have missed the source of the commotion zooming toward the produce. Passing by was a toddler, red face screaming, and a mom with a look on her face that balanced desperation and  determination. Lucie peeled her tongue away from the cart bar in shock that that big of a noise could come out of a human her size.


As I rounded the corner toward the mama I readied myself to give the her a knowing nod and an attagirl in the aisle. She was doing her best. Babies are crazy. Target is overwhelming. It was naptime. But, as luck would have it, before I could approach her I saw something pretty cool. Three ladies standing near the strawberries the mama was frantically trying to open as bait to calm her little savage all opened up to her in love.


“I have been there.”

“You are doing a great job.”

“Being a mama is hard. He is such a cute little one.”


I smiled from across the way as a little light turned on in her eyes. Strawberry in hand, her baby was smiling as though he didn’t have a care in the world and she had a moment to catch her breath. It was so beautiful to see THREE people take the opportunity to shower a mom in kindness when she needed it most.  Wouldn’t it be nice if when you are feeling the brunt of your kid’s crazy you could have cheerleaders helping you along?


Moms encouraging moms. I don’t know if there is a more powerful boost to the tired mama heart. When my Lucie has been up all night teething and it only occurred to me to give her tylenol at 6am, it’s a mama in my friend group that sends hugs and lets me know we are going to get through it. When I question myself 500 times a day because I have read 200 blogs with differing opinions on where and when my baby should be sleeping, it’s  a Been There Done That mom that gently whispers to me to trust my gut. When my Lula is two and acts a fool in Target, I hope and pray that those three ladies will be there to let me know that it will all be alright… eventually.


Go out there and be a day maker today. Give grace. Give someone a smile. If you are the mama racing toward the sweet fruits of silence give yourself some love, you are doing great. Have a strawberry yourself, if only because it’s frowned upon to open the wine in the store:)

2016-01-20 11.10.54

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  1. Antoinette says:

    I just love you dearly. Becoming a mother is the most challenging task to concur. They only way is to tackle the obstacles as they come and always give your best. Our children are miracles but sometimes they do know how to push us to a point of no return. Keep up the good work mama. It’s great appreciated.


  2. This post makes my heart SO happy! 🙂


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