Working it out.

September 1st, 2013 was a day of moving for me. The salon I worked at closed and I needed to move from my apartment to a house in the town I lived in. To be transparent, that much change in one day broke my noggin. I was overwhelmed and fearful. I felt lost. Even though all of my things had a place to move to, my heart broke for the things I was moving from. That weekend was not my finest weekend.


I moved from one salon into another and fell in love. When people would ask, I happily told them that I had found the place I would retire from. My schedule in Redlands had become sparse, but driving up on alternating weeks felt like driving home. The girls I worked with were laid back and loving. My baby was welcome to visit, my guests were happy. I truly worked in a peaceful place.


This week I found out that due to complications that couldn’t be worked out, my happy and safe little salon will be closing in two weeks. The salon that I got to bustle with joy for two and a half years in will close it’s doors and we all will need to find a new place to call home. My heart is breaking for the sisterhood of friends that will separate and for the cozy little building that we had a great time creating happiness in.


My noggin won’t break this time around though. I know that God has a plan to work in the hole that Salon Blu will leave in my heart. Decisions haven’t been finalized but if you are one of my friends, family, or guests reading this don’t you fret, we will have SOMEWHERE to tame your mane! God is good and he is faithful during crazy times like these. Thank you for your hugs and prayers while this all gets sorted out!

So many wonderful memories!


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