The Finest Hours!

It was 7:00 last night when the lights at the theater dimmed. I sat back with my head against the paper VIP sign on the headrest of my seat and readied myself. It was my first time in a theater in almost two years.


Normally, movie theaters skeeve me out. As a result, I am a huge fan of sending my husband out with his friends to see blockbusters on the big screen while I wait in pop culture oblivion until the film is available on Netflix. We seem to have worked out a pretty good system.


I think Q’s heart skipped a beat when I told him we were going to see a press screening of The Finest Hours. My friend Kate, a fantastic blogger at Highlights Along the Way, needed someone to cover for her as she would not be able to make it to the showing. It seemed like a fun date night and was totally Dave Ramsay approved so I asked if she wanted me to go in her place. I don’t think I really put much thought into the theater aspect of the whole gig.

Trying desperately to be as cool as Kate.

So here I sat. Baby dropped off at my In-Laws, husband sitting by my side, 3-D glasses propped on my nose.


“What if I barf?” I asked Q as the Disney logo twinkled in front of me.

“Why would you barf?” He whispered back at me, likely fearing I had the flu or something reasonable like that.

“It’s a 3-D movie about boats, babe. What if I get seasick?”

He patted my hand the way I imagine he will when I am 90 years old and fretting about the corruption of youths.


The movie opened up and so began some of the most incredible cinematography I have ever seen. The 3-D effects were smooth and beautiful. I couldn’t believe the snow flurries. Watching this film on the big screen, and additionally seeing it in 3-D, was a completely transformative experience. I don’t know that I have ever been so IN THE ZONE while watching a movie before.


I have seen my share of tense movies but this one had me on the edge of my seat, butt clenched, holding my breath. If you want a great aerobic workout and a chance to work out your “GO, GO, GO!” cheers before the Superbowl, this is the film for you. Check your Fitbit at the end, I am willing to bet your heart will race.


I was impressed that this movie about the Coast Guard, full of old, salty sailors was super clean and family friendly. If my child was of an age to handle tense scenes I would be comfortable letting him/her watch this flick. The love story was adorable and had me all misty eyed (as usual, I am a softy). There were so many people to root for in this movie which was a refreshing change to the typical antagonist vs. protagonist storyline.


When you go, stay through the credits as they have actual pictures of the Coast Guard crew that performed this rescue mission. I am always in awe of the attention to detail Disney pays to creating true to life characters. Coming away from this movie, I had a whole new appreciation for the Coast Guard of today and yesterday, their ability to master the ocean and risk all for those lost at sea. The Finest Years was a fabulous visual and heart experience. My hat is tipped to Disney and the fine men that made this incredible rescue happen!



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