The room is full.

The room is full.

His bed has been moved so people can fill in around him. One, two, five, eight, the walls stretch to accommodate the people and their love.

Songs of worship fill the air between tears. 10,000 reasons to worship today and forevermore we are reminded. His strength is failing but we lift him up in prayer.

Laughter bursts out on occasion as we talk about his life. Who he was before the dementia and, funnier still, who he was after. The father, the husband, the man intent on saving the earth one recycling trashcan at a time.

He is too private to leave us while the room is full. I know he will wait until the lights dim and he can do things in his own time. Though he walks through the scary and unknown valley, I know he won’t be afraid.


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  1. Ola and Bill Carter says:

    Thank you, Ashlie, for the update on Norman’s condition. You are gifted with just the right words to define the moment. My thoughts, love and prayers are definitely with you all. God Speed, Norman, on your journey home.


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