A year as Mama

I rocked her in the glider this morning after a hearty struggle to get her down for a nap. Her sweaty little head on my shoulder showed that she put up a good fight, alternating between coy smiles and tense shouts to try to evade this sleep. Sleep she, and really I, needs to make this day go smoothly.


She’s almost a year old. A year goes by really just so very quickly. Contrary to the “I cannot believe it’s been a year” sentiment I really can believe so. I have been privileged to be able to spend a whole year with her, woven together with this wild little one. Motherhood has brought out my fiercest strengths and my worst weaknesses. It has made my faith stronger and caused me to question so much about this whole life we live. Being Lucille’s mom has made me more whole as a huge piece of me left my body. I have never cried so much or laughed so hard as I have this last year.


Lucie has shown me a side of Quinton that I cherish and love deeply. If there is an example of a wonderful father, he is it. From the very first challenges of breastfeeding to navigating daily life with a growing girl he has always been our rock. I love looking back on videos and photos of this year with Lucie and Q. Her lying on his chest is the perfect imagery of what every little girl should have, a strong, loving daddy to take care of her.


As I remember her birth I couldn’t help but smile as I listened to the room she came into. There was laughter in the air, tears of joy, gentle coaching, and praise to God for such a beautiful creation. After 43 intense hours, there was still energy buzzing about. Her labor was worth every minute to hear that beautiful little cry.  


How sweet it is to reminisce on her growth over the last year. I love you more and more, little one. I hope to grow stronger as your mama as we live this crazy life together.

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  1. Ola Carter says:

    I enjoyed reading again of your experience of Lucie’s birth. I think during this time we are stuck on a fine time line between heaven and hell. After a considerable time in “hell”, we get to experience Heaven and It’s Joyful gift! An experience of a lifetime!


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