This is our Christmas card

You guys, this is the best I could do this year. This is it. I know this time of year is coming the other 300 days of the year and EVERY.SINGLE.TIME it is like it’s my first Christmas season. I know as well as the next gal that there will be more activities than time. I know that traffic will be worse and we will need to get places faster. I know that my heart will be for the manger but my calendar will reflect a season of worldly stress. But here I am, mid December praying that we make it to January in one whole piece.


Before we crash and burn in an aisle at Target or racing between activities, our family has to dial back. We have to choose carefully which things we can say yes to and which things will stretch us beyond what this season is intended to hold. For us, a mass mailer wasn’t even close to making it on the Must Do list. Because before the mass mailer is the photo shoot, the hours of picking a layout on the store website, hauling kids to pick up said cards and then the stuffing of the envelopes. You guys. I can’t. It was mid November before I handed my husband his birthday card from July and we live in the same house. I love you, please forgive me.


This is our Christmas card.



This year was beautiful. We added a new boy to our brood. Benjamin came barreling into our home in March, making everything so much more joyful. He shocked us with a head of bright red hair and his impressive size. He has the softest little voice when he talks and a monster growl that makes us shake in our boots!  Lucille, at 22 months, became a little mama and has spent the last 9 months teaching her Benny everything he knows. They are ridiculously adorable with each other. Goose learned her ABCs and blows us away with her singing. She always wants to know “E doing?” and if we have any “nacks” with her name on them. She is empathetic and darling. She makes sure her chickens and “moims” get their food first thing every morning and asks if she can go to church to see her friends.

Q is our International Man of Ministry. We kissed him and sent him on many training trips around the globe this year, each more exciting than the next. While he was home, he had a great time recording a new album with guys from church and getting to play at a pastor’s conference NCC hosted. As his wife, there is nothing better than seeing his passions line up with his ministry life. In spite of the chaos of work, two little kids, and trying to help me stay ahead of the laundry he remains to be the kindest, most gentle, amazing husband on earth.

Me? Well, I am no closer to being the domestic goddess of my dreams but I have had a great year of trying to be! Having two little ones helped me realize what was a Must Do, what was a Want To Do and how to best do the things that overlapped those two groups. I loved playing outside with the kiddos, attempting to revive the orange trees we inherited, building a worm habitat with my family, and being a chef to my humans AND my chicken coop (the birds are kinda spoiled).  I am still behind on my laundry but that’s what 2018 is for.

Our multi generational home survived it’s first year off the launch pad! We have been so blessed to have had a year with Amma and Appa just down the stairs. Lucie was a little skeptical the first few weeks but loves her nightly runs through the yard when Amma and Appa get home from work. And just when you thought it was crazy that the five of us decided to live together, we threw my sister in the mix! Natalie Eliese Jo Mary Beth has taken SDSU and our extra bedroom by storm.  It is a very full house but I am beginning to think the house motto is “There’s always enough.”. Enough love, enough hands, enough energy, enough food and laughter to get us all by. And that, my friends, is the biggest blessing of them all.

Merry Christmas from the Huffs!

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