Captain Disaster and The Magic Eggs

Four months ago we co-oped our neighbors coop with seven little pullets. Today was the magic first day we have gotten eggs out of those sweet girls! Lucie was so excited to count the “treasure” in the hutch. It was sweet to experience the different colors and slightly different sizes of each egg!20171218_084407 (2)

We put those bad boys in our old carton to haul back home and my girl was just tickled pink. 20171218_084615

We put the carton in the wagon with Benny so we could finish our chores, our orange trees needed some attention. The oranges last year were 90% peel and 10% pithy, nasty flesh. This year the peel is normal thickness and the flesh is AMAZING but they are seriously the ugliest oranges I have ever seen. If I didn’t know any better I would think they are dead on the tree. When they are ripe, they have a brownish, green hued skin and its a mushy texture. Go figure.


As I am thinking this all through and moving the hose from tree to tree, Benny sits in his wagon getting his daily Vitamin D. He is always so sweet and content when we wagon through the yard in the morning, I think nothing of his silence. He is easily amused by his toys in his lap and the blur of his sister zooming by, up and down the hill.


This magical morning was something new altogether. I should have known that Captain Disaster could reach the ONE THING I would hope he wouldn’t. Somehow he activated his Stretch Armstrong powers and got into the eggs. The poop covered eggs. The magical eggs. And wouldn’t ya know he started prepping for his Strong Baby competition with a raw chicken poop and egg shake. Why would he put them in his mouth?! I imagine the protein content was out of this world.  YOU GUYS HOW DOES HE FIND DANGER EVERYWHERE HE GOES?? I am seriously never going to recover from the constant heart attacks. I am now a google doctor specializing in Salmonella and the Bird Flu. Please join me in praying for Benny’s immune system and guardian angels!


Only two eggs survived the assault. RIP Eggs 1-3

20171218_100148 (2).jpg

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