The Trees

My favorite moment of Christmas is coming around the corner. The sun will rise on Christmas morning and before the presents and the chorizo burritos I will sit with my sisters and my children and read them the story of The Tree Trees. It is a simple story, just a few pages long, but it is just the right length to reduce me to tears. Every single year my sisters laugh at my cracking voice and wet eyes but I just can’t help it.


Three trees stand on a hillside and strive to please the Lord. Each of them has a different idea of what they can do to make God happy but their paths are not of their own plan. Obedient still, the story tells of the life of Jesus and how these trees glorified Him during their struggles.


This year I know I will cry again because obedience has been the word of the year for me. In the messiness of motherhood, being a wife, a daughter, a friend and trying to serve my neighbors my hope is that at the end of my time here on Earth, my path will glorify Him, the baby that came for my sin and who rose again. I hope I will be found searching for His will and singing praises! I know that He wants to use the harsh and sad chapters of my life to show His mercy and compassion. I pray that in my desire to shine for Him, I will remember that what is most important are the quiet steps of obedience. Wherever you are this season, weather busy herding your flock or painfully missing people you love dearly I am praying that you will hear the whispers of His love for you.

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  1. Ola Carter says:

    Ashlie, thank you for such a beautiful message. Also, your writing is beautiful and could very well be in your future if you wish! Merry Christmas to you and your family – also, “those sisters” who laugh – and who are beautiful also!


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