This Muddy Mess



Day Two brings me to my favorite day of this last week. We witnessed an all out miracle here in San Diego and finally got some RAIN! In true SoCal fashion, we bundled up like we were in an all out blizzard and let the kids free to splash and slide. It was a fabulous, muddy mess. The littlest ones struggled with restraining themselves from eating all the dirt and not rolling down the hills. The bigger ones stomped, splashed, and sought out sticks to ultimately use as weapons against each other, it is the toddler way after all!


We sometimes get sold the idea that community happens in polite conversation over lattes or in brief park visits as long as none of the kids has a meltdown. On Mud day, community happened while a few moms laughed at kids being silly in their natural habitat. The kids were kids, meltdowns and all, and it was fantastic.


Today I am thankful for the rain that pulled us all outside and for friends that can meet me in the mud.

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