Someone Made a Way

There are things you simply can’t take part in when you are the caregiver to young children. Staying home with my babies is 100% a gift and I do not take it for granted but with that gift comes certain, necessary sacrifices. Professionally,  there are meetings I miss because it is not appropriate for my children to sit in. It is for the mutual benefit of the attendees who want to pay attention and for my pride so people won’t know how loud Lu and Ben can really be.


Quinton was working this weekend at a children’s ministry event. I had every intention of stopping by for as long as I could entertain the kids in the back of the auditorium without causing an all out scene. It is my joy to support him in his work here and abroad and we were going to find a way. Days before the program, Q let me know that there would be childcare available both days, you guys I was almost in tears.


Last night I fell victim to a Google Maps gaffe and it took us two hours to drive what would usually take about 45 minutes. As we tornadoed into the church where the event was taking place, I was shown the room where they would be over the course of the event. I was able to hand my babies over to a sweet young girl and actually attend the workshop, knowing that my kids were safe just down the hall. My heart had so much peace.


I spoke with the children’s pastor in the hall, Mrs. Chipo, and had the chance to thank her for the gift of offering childcare for the workshop. She had such a beautiful heart and was so excited to offer relief for that one roadblock that keeps a lot of people from being able to participate in events like this. “I just want as many people to come as are able, if we can remove any hindrances then that is what we will do!” Mrs Chipo is my hero this weekend! I am so deeply grateful for her incredible heart for serving children’s workers from all over the valley. Instead of missing the meat of the event, I was able to rest in her team and their love for children and that is an immeasurable gift.





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