Best of all is her laugh.

When I was pregnant with Lucie, Q and I joked that we needed to work on our daughter’s stand up routine in the womb in the event she wouldn’t be able to skate through life on her looks, she could lean in on a super personality. Luckily for us, she’s pretty cute AND she keeps the laughs rolling!




Two year olds are a lot of things, this much is true. You have surely been warned about the Terrible Twos and the terror that emerges from an otherwise likable little one. What no one tells you is how seriously awesome it is to watch your child become the best parts of themselves.  Lucie is getting a handle on hilariously grown up vocabulary, she uses slang like “How’s it goin’, Mama?” daily and it cracks me up. She takes her fashion seriously and thinks her dollar store army hat is perfectly reasonable grocery store attire. She is empathetic and kind. She takes her brother’s happiness personally. If I give her enough time, she can do so much for herself and it is amazing to watch. But best of all, she has kept the best gut laugh I have ever heard. Now, she’s telling the jokes and being so silly. She is incredible.


I am thankful for you, little girl!

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