We are all a little lopsided

We have a joke in our family that I love taking the kids to the doctor when nothing is wrong. Is there anything as exciting as paying $150 to hear “It’s just a virus”? There is always that intoxicating cocktail of relief that they are going to get over the hump just fine but a liiiiitle frustration that there isn’t a get quick recipe for what ails them.


We took Lu in for a weird, hard lump on her chest this afternoon. Her pediatrician is the first doctor that ever held her, just hours after her birth, and proclaimed her to be “perfect”. We love and trust him with both of our babies., he is entirely worth the 45 minute drive to see. Today he took a good look at our girl, poked around a little bit, and let us know that her bones are growing just a little wonky but that it is nothing to worry about! A few weeks of worry were lifted from my shoulders. The bump is one of those weird things that might continue to grow and start to bother her, might stretch as she grows and disappear, or just might stay the same as a unique part of her sweet self. She’s just a little lopsided for now, but aren’t we all? Today I am grateful  for a great appointment and good news.

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