Two sweet years

I was looking through old blog posts today, some are downright sweet, some remind me of deep sadness and this one just brought a smile to my face. It has been three years since I joined the children’s ministry at our church and a little over two years since I joined the staff. The last two years have brought so many changes to our campus and especially to our little room.


Glancing through the slideshows of pictures I remember the fun nights of painting, the magic of coming in to new vinyls and gator boards that the graphics department had made for the windows and walls, making leaves with my sweet friend and a million other days, nights, and projects that have been so much fun. Most recently, all of those walls changed so that we could have an insanely awesome room with the three year olds. I love it so much and I am so thankful that we were able to expand with the needs of our little ones. It is like every project brings us to this new chapter in that room’s history and I keep thinking it can’t get any better then BOOM it does. That night, painting that wall, I never could have imagined the room needing to double in size to make way for so many precious little guys. Now that it has, I am just in awe when I see the space full of such happy little babes.


I think of all the babies I sat with in the old nursery/ones and how grown they are now. Each one of them has a special piece of my heart. Being a part of children’s ministry is such an incredible blessing, being able to start the whispers of their savior’s love for them is a gift. I am so incredibly grateful for the last two years of ministry and for all I have learned along the way. 2015-11-08 18.32.38

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