Grace, even for me

Saturday was a long day. I left my family sleeping while early in the morning so I could head up to work. The babies woke up without me, played with daddy all day, and were deep asleep when I rolled back in at 10pm.


I need to blog. Open the computer. Just do it. I wrestled with myself as I crawled into bed. I was just so so tired and work was calling my name again early in the morning. I gave into my eyelids and slept until the baby needed me.


What would I have told someone in my shoes? Would I have demanded a bleery eyed post out of a friend desperate for sleep? No. Would I have had unrealistic expectations for a worked out, pumped out, talked out mama? No. So why was it even a second thought to myself?


Today I am thankful for allowing myself healthy boundaries. For not expecting more of myself than I do of people I love dearly because, as it turns out, I love myself too.

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