Benjamin Buttons Buster Brown Buster Noodles

About a year ago I cruised into the hospital to deliver my sweet baby boy. It was a long induction, my second swing at evicting the little dude as a previous induction had proven to be useless. This time we were slow going at making progress until the last hour and a half when Benny decided he was in a real hurry to see the outside. We had two really scary times when his heart decelerated and stayed slow for a long enough for the on call doctor to start talking to us about needing the baby out NOW and the possibility of an emergency cesarean. She broke my water and had me bear down at 8 centimeters in an effort to speed up dialation, which was amazingly successful and probably what kept us out of the OR. In the chaos, my doctor arrived and my baby was born quickly into his hands, his cord around his neck twice. It was brilliant and amazing and I was so grateful that my baby was safe in my arms.


If you are into birth audio and feel like crying here is a little nugget for you


Today we celebrated Benny’s first birthday. He is such a joy, we thank God every day for his little spunky self. I am so excited to see what his personality becomes as he continues growing up! First birthdays are so sweet to me because while they obviously celebrate the child they truly feel like a celebration of the community. Benny is so incredibly lucky to be loved by so many, but especially the people who surrounded him this weekend. Thank you for loving our boy so deeply, for encouraging us as parents, and for sharing in this chapter in our lives.  We are so grateful for you.

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