Missionary Support

Last Wednesday, after I tucked the kids in bed, I drove down to San Diego and pick my husband up from the airport. He left Uganda 29 hours prior, we were so thankful that he was seamlessly rerouted around a big snowstorm. The last days of his trips are the longest, I am excited to see him after any number of days away. No matter how long the trip is, the last day is the longest. This one was especially brutal, I felt like I hobbled downtown on my last limb and a prayer.


It never fails, one or both of the kids get sick while he is gone. The adults do their best to bathe in Lysol, Emergen-C, and elderberry but inevitably one or more of us go down too.  We were hit pretty hard this trip, strep, ear infections, sinus infections… it was brutal. This time we were alternating both of our cars in the mechanic’s shop while he was gone, and as was evident on our drive back by the shaking engine and flickering dash light, not all had been fixed.


In these seasons it would be so easy to get caught in the mire, to only see the struggle, the sleepless nights, and the sickness. It would be easy, and justifiable, to focus on the frustrations in a season of minor disasters but that is just how the enemy works. It hardly requires a catastrophy to take our eyes from what we have to anything else. Annoyances, while they are small they are mighty, abound and do the job just fine.


We kept it fresh on our minds and in our hearts that, though there was plenty to grumble about, there was more to be thankful for. Thankful that, while our cars were both acting a fool, we are able to fix them. Thankful that, while our kids struggle with the germs de jour, we have access to healthcare to help them get well. Thankful that, while our bodies are tired and our minds are distracted, our family and friends are faithful in taking care of our needs in the form of calls, food, and prayerful support. My eyes were full of tears as I sat at the table to a warm bowl of chicken soup from a dear friend. It is beautiful how God uses the people around us to take care of our needs.



Thank you, friends and family, for being the best support village we ever could have asked for.  I know Q is thankful that while he is away, we are loved so very well.

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  1. Ola Carter says:

    I, somehow, am blessed by your seemingly constant FAITH! I thank you for sharing. May God continue to bless you enormously!!!


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