This is Three

“There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth”. You guys… having a three year old is BIBLICAL. Today she wailed about wanting to play with friends as we were leaving playing with friends, she wailed about wanting a snack as she finished a snack, the kid knows how to crank up the wailing.


And yet she is so tender. There is a sweetness I want to preserve, a tender little girl that I want to protect. Her heart is such a gift. I spend a lot of time in our day trying to balance a necessary firmness when she most definitely needs it and a softness in my own heart for when those teary baby blues just need a squeeze from mom. Because when we are not in meltdown mode, she is telling me that I am her “special heart”.


In the last few months Lu has developed a little stutter. In talking with my friend I have learned ways to help her have the time to communicate clearly. I felt so convicted as I processed how a lot of our conversations go throughout the day and how often I am pressuring her to move at my pace. It is no mystery that we are on the go pretty often and I would be lying if I said I always took the time to hear her out. My heart’s deepest desire is for her to grow up knowing she has a mom that hears her, that cares about what she is saying, and that validates her truths. Somewhere, somehow we are going to iron out the fire and the tears. I am working on slowing down all the things, keeping calm(er), and listening more than I speak. For being so little, she teaches me so much.


Rain boots on the wrong feet. This is three.

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