Apparently Swedish Pop is a Trigger…

When a sweet friend offers to take you to a beautiful, outdoor play, you go! When a sweet friend offers to take you to a beautiful, outdoor play on the same day that your husband leaves the country, one kid kid has the lava poops, and your other kid is three (enough said) you leave the driveway on two wheels, racing toward said play. It’s a no brainer.


Last week, my friend Kate offered to take me to Mama Mia at the Moonlight Ampitheater. I seriously love Kate, I love that theater, and I had childcare. I was so excited, it could have been any play at all but even more fun was that it was Mama Mia, a show about 20 year olds bopping around in spandex singing their 20 year old lungs out to Abba. What’s not to love? 35229194_10204709846743279_8911513409225228288_o


The play was hysterical, it was exactly what a weary mama needed. The cast had us cracking up from their antics and, well, their spandex. It was all the glittery happiness I had anticipated and so much more. Everything was going as planned until the song.


It only took one song for me to completely unravel.


There, on the stage, was a mom preparing her daughter for her big wedding. As she fluffed the satin and primped the veil she sang a song about how she stopped sharing adventures with her daughter when the daughter put on a backpack and went to school. There I sat with one tear rolling down my cheek. We just sat at the dinner table talking about which preschool to send our Goose to. Another tear. Ohmygosh she’s going to look so grown with a backpack on. Multiple tears blur my vision. She’s going to leave me and never look back!


And before I knew it I was boo hooing in a theater full of strangers at the happiest play on Earth. Like, serious shoulder shaking sobs. It was only when I realized that I was probably the only person sobbing at Mama Mia, save the woman sitting in front of me crying next to her teenage son,  that my tears turned into this weird, borderline hysterical laughter. So there I sat, making sweet Kate think I was having a personal crisis, laugh/crying at how ridiculous it is to sob my way through  Mama Mia.  What’s worse is that I had no recovery game. Through the end of the show and the whole drive home I couldn’t even talk about the song without the crying starting all over again.


This might be the last time Kate ever invites me out past 8pm. Or, at all. I am a social liability.


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