My Rio Rio

Tonight I spent some time celebrating one of my dearest friends with a group of MORE of my dearest friends. It was such a sweet night, we all piled on a patio and ate, drank, and laughed. The weather was perfect (thanks, San Diego), her sweet decor was perfect, I think everyone would agree that…

Just Us

The four of us hopped in the car and drove down south this afternoon. The kids slept on our drive, giving Q and I the rare chance to listen to non-Raffi music and talk to each other in uninterrupted  sentences. The sun was warm on our skin as we discovered an amazing food truck, cute…

Someone Made a Way

There are things you simply can’t take part in when you are the caregiver to young children. Staying home with my babies is 100% a gift and I do not take it for granted but with that gift comes certain, necessary sacrifices. Professionally,  there are meetings I miss because it is not appropriate for my…

This Muddy Mess

  Day Two brings me to my favorite day of this last week. We witnessed an all out miracle here in San Diego and finally got some RAIN! In true SoCal fashion, we bundled up like we were in an all out blizzard and let the kids free to splash and slide. It was a…

My Mama Pack

I got it from my mama.   If there is anything you have come to like about me over the years it is probably something I got straight from my mama. And if there is something you have grown to love about her, I am willing to bet she got it straight from her mama….

Lucille’s First Fiesta

We had so much fun celebrating Lucille’s first birthday this weekend. It was beautiful rejoicing for a year with our happy girl, but more than that, we got to celebrate the village that has made this year so sweet. Thank you all for helping her grow into such a wonderful little lady!

A year as Mama

I rocked her in the glider this morning after a hearty struggle to get her down for a nap. Her sweaty little head on my shoulder showed that she put up a good fight, alternating between coy smiles and tense shouts to try to evade this sleep. Sleep she, and really I, needs to make…

A Good Friday

This Good Friday speaks so deeply to my heart. He was pierced of our iniquities, The Blameless died for our sins and, in doing so, took the sting out of death for us all. Because of the cross, there were smiles behind our tears last night as we said goodbye to Grandpa. Because of the…


My grandparent’s house is bursting with emotion these days. Some good, some bad but all of them hit like a ton of bricks when you least expect it. My eyes well with tears when I go from room to room, straddling the thin line between the heartache of loss and the joys of life abundant….

Relentless Heartache, Relentless Hope

Weeks ago, Q and I excitedly spread the news to our friends, our family, and our village that we were expecting a sibling for Lucie. Although it was probably sooner than others might want to share the news, we wanted to be able to lean in on our community for better or worse, to be…

The Finest Hours!

I have seen my share of tense movies but this one had me on the edge of my seat, butt clenched, holding my breath. If you want a great aerobic workout and a chance to work out your “GO, GO, GO!” cheers before the Superbowl, this is the film for you.

Gentle to whom?

Let’s acknowledge that babies, moms, and families as a whole all have their nuances. If a mom reaches out, lets not be so quick to impose what works for us as the hard and fast law of raising kids.