The View From Mid-Pack

Being a mom is tough. Every day is met with a litany of decisions to make, an overwhelming amount of information swarms you from sun up to sunset, opinions from close family and strangers alike can crowd your thoughts making the mundane seem overwhelming.


If you are swinging to the left or to the right you will pass right by me, here in the middle. If being fiercely moderate is a thing, I am that thing. I breastfeed because it works for our family but I usually do so while eating McDonalds. I babywear but I have a deep love for our stroller. My pregnancy consisted of morning coffee and turkey sandwiches, everything in moderation. I work, I stay home, I volunteer. I like to have my fingers in the pies as long as I don’t have to bake them myself. I buy pre-done crafts. My Pinterest is a beautiful place to be but much of it does not come to fruition. I will, however, take a firm stance that leggings ARE pants. That is where my loyalties lie.

Mid-pack isn’t a bad place to be. Grab a coffee and a chair, you’ll like it here.

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  1. Chasie conway says:

    Oh my gosh! I love this! And I am right there with you girl!

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  2. I love it Ash! Excited to read more!

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  3. Ashley Alto says:

    Yep! I feel the exact same way!! It’s the best way to be if you ask me πŸ˜‰

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  4. Hayley says:

    Can relate to this in so many ways! I am definitely mid-pack and am very happy. I love reading all your writings because they are not only entertaining but relatable. So proud of you & happy to see you so happy Ash! Looking foreword to more! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— -H

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  5. Debbie Seccombe-Buckmaster says:

    I just found out how to comment! I’m really enjoying reading your muses! As always you are insightful and quite entertaining! Even though I’m no longer coloring my hair and growing it out, I think of you, Q and the brood often. So reading about your ins and outs are comforting and very enjoyable to me! You live your life exactly as you should. Full of life and love ❀️


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